Love is in the air !!

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Christmas is the time of love, caring and sharing, I know I sound like Joey from friends (

Ever since I saw the movie “Love Actually”,  my mind associates Christmas with love.

Yesterday when I went to a Christmas party. As the performer was singing some of the popular romantics. I couldn’t resist but look at the different couples in different tables. Some of the couples would sing along with the performer, few couples were just like strangers and quite a few were totally in the zone.

One such couple caught my attention probably in their 50s, the lady was constantly hymning the tunes with her husband, brushing her palms over her husband’s shoulder. There were many younger couples but somehow I could feel that passion in that couple. She would look at him like they haven’t seen each other for a long time, her eyes had that passion for him. They didn’t kiss or cuddle, all she did was rub his shoulder with passion in her eyes and all he did was wrap his hands over her shoulder.

Above all, they had this sparkle in their eyes for each other. I always thought love was overrated, no it’s just overstated.