Random Thoughts #1

An urge to put my thoughts on paper, my phase during hard times. Hard circumstances challenge, who you are and question your existence. Life is all hunky dory until it hits you with a brick on the head.

I have been faced with this kind of situations where circumstances hit me with one brick after another. Though it was hard for each second to pass ,I had some strength to face it. As some say when God gives you a problem he even gives you the strength to overcome it.

It’s up to you to exercise your strength. There are certain things in life which some would not want to see even in their dreams and wish not to happen even to your worst enemies, I have seen those and experienced them first hand.

There were times when I would question, when is the end to it. And would wait for a miracle to happen when all you could see is darkness. Situations so complex which can’t be untangled with simple logic. Situations that push far out of your comfort zone.

In the end, you come through the pain, through teamwork, hope, and strength. But the painful memories haunt you and remind you that everyone has their own battle, and these memories should remind you to be a better person.

In the process, you lose a part of your self and you create a new you with new wisdom.